FIBC, BigBag or Jumbo Bag is a flexible container, sometimes called a bulk bag ; BigBag and Big Bag producer is Eska Pro-Neo ürünlerimiz: küçük çuval ve pp torba üreticileri, fibc , jumbo bag, bigbags sack with low bigbag prices, Advantageous prices in Gaziantep Turkey.

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    The Leader of Bigbag Manufacturer

    As the Eska BigBag Pro-Neo Ltd., we have been operating on bigbag sector since 1996. From the beginning, permanently, through our company principles continuity, We are proud of exporting to 19 countries Worldwide, and over 250 customers in our country. As the Eska Bigbag, the establishment of our corporation has been completed, in terms of marketing (domestic - foreign), planning, purchasing, production and delivery departments;all of them working effectively and coordinated . If it is necessary to specify some of the features about our company and bigbags;

    Company principles:
    We always keep in mind that the customer is always right custumer is a valuable asset, customer must meet expectations. Each product sent to a client in an honest manner, and each in itself a product produced in a specific job.

    Some details of our Bigbag Manufacturing Philosophy

    Quality :
    From the first day which we started to work on Bigbag sector, the quality always been our priority, we are proud of being face off with any sanction of reclamation or dumping.
    The product which we agreed and promised with customer, if it is considered as risky on both production planning and tests, then, the goods are produced according to higher standard as without any extra fee or new price. And it is not even known by our customers often.
    Therefore Eska Bigbag brand is our honour, in case of necessity lose money, it is afforded by us. The quality control is our permanently target.

    Raw Material and Material Selection :
    Bigbag entirely is produced by bringing together the appropriate materials. When the necessary configuration provided, bigbags can be used as trouble-free. For example, 1000 kg carrying is needed minimum of 30g/mt loop, we use at least 32gr/mt loop. Sometimes, when we saw risk on products, we use 37g/mt loop, however we don t reflect any additional cost to the customer.

    Our Suppliers :
    Supplier selection is a very sensitive subject for our company. We are always supply quality raw materials, we are rely to our products unconditionally. And even we have option to use lower-cost raw materials, we do not use any supplier s raw materials which we can not trust to their quality standards

    Service :
    Therefore perfect coordination of our corporate structure,our customers sales, production, shipment,accounting and financial expectations are provided perfectly. Our marketing divisions effective informing is provived to obtain easy product determination. And free of charge sample studies are provided to make test the to customers before give order bigbags.

    Production : Our production plant is consisted of machineries according to newest technology and needed all machines and equipments are reinforced continously. Regarding to our production, you can reach to videos and pictures via Our Factory section easily. Our all production, managerial and quality control staffs have highly experience in bigbag sector.

    FIBC Bag Pictures

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