One Loop and Two Loop bag manufacturer in Gaziantep: BigBag and Big Bag producer is Eska Pro-Neo ürünlerimiz: küçük çuval ve pp torba üreticileri, fibc , jumbo bag, bigbags sack with low bigbag prices, Advantageous prices in Gaziantep Turkey.

All One Loop bigBag Products by ESKA Pro-Neo ®

One and two loop Big bags lifting are more economical than "standard 4 lifting loops." These bags more resistant about the carrying and leak proofing because of one and two loops bag made of tubular fabric. The lifting loops are protect by a pp fabric cover (with different colors. )

One Loop Bigbags, Single Loop Sack, 2 loop bags

types of fibc bags

ESOL1- Bottom Close Top Open

Bentonite Transport


ESOL2- Bottom Spout Top Open

Cement Bag


ESOL3- Top Spout

Gips Carrying


ESOL4- Bottom and Top Spout

FIBC Two Loops

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