All kind q-Bags. Shaped form bulk bags made by Eska Bigbag : BigBag and Big Bag producer is Eska Pro-Neo ürünlerimiz: küçük çuval ve pp torba üreticileri, fibc , jumbo bag, bigbags sack with low bigbag prices, Advantageous prices in Gaziantep Turkey.

All Q-Bag Products by ESKA Pro-Neo ®

Q-Bags (Baffle Bags) are constructed with corner panels to keep their square form. So the strage capacity will increase as 25-30%. This baffle bag eliminates slumping and round-out of the bag for convenient loading and stacking. It stays square and does not round out and can be used in shipping of overseas container payloads.

Baffle bulk bags, Q-Bag , Quatro Bag , Square Bag

Bigbag Bulk Sacks, Jumbo Big bag
Sling Bag,Contanier Bag

ESBB1 - Bottom Close Top Open

Qoatro Bag

Bigbag Bulk Sacks, Jumbo Big bag
Sling Bag,Contanier Bag

ESBB2 - Bottom Spout Top Open

Cubic BigBag

Jumbo Big bag

ESBB3- Bottom Close Top Spout

Quatro Bag in Turkey


ESBB4 - Bottom Spout Top Skirt

FIBC Cubic Sack

Jumbo Big bag, Contanier Bag

ESBB5- Top Skirt Bottom Close

FIBC Full Baffle Bag

Bigbag, Contanier Bag

ESBB6- Bottom and Top Spout

FIBC QBag Kinds

BigBag Pictures

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