BigBag and Big Bag producer is Eska Pro-Neo ürünlerimiz: küçük çuval ve pp torba üreticileri, fibc , jumbo bag, bigbags sack with low bigbag prices, Advantageous prices in Gaziantep Turkey.

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Standard Bulk Bags are popularly known and various size bags in all requests. These bags are made of high technology Polypropylene (PP) material and UV stabilized specified fabrics.

Standard 4 Loop Bigbags

Bigbag, Bulk Sacks

ES1 - Bottom Close Top Open

Easy Carrying with Forks

Jumbo Big bag
Sling Bag,Contanier Bag

ES2-Bottom Spout Top Open

All kind fibc producing

Bulk Sack

ES3-Bottom Close Top Spout

Fibc Manufacturers in Turkey

BulkBag, Jumbo bag

ES4-Bottom Spout Top Skirt

FIBC Full Form

Sling Bag,Contanier Bag

ES5-Bottom Close Top Skirt

fibc bags specification

 Jumbo bag

ES6-Bottom Spout Top Spout

fibc bags prices

Big bag

ES7-Top Flap

big bags international


big bags gaziantep

big bags international


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