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The Bigbag

BigBag sack types

Met zand gevulde big bags Big bags Een standaard big bag (Engels voor een "grote zak") is een zak met een inhoud van 1000 - 1300 liter voor opslag en vervoer van stortgoed. Wanneer gevuld is deze zak 1,5 meter hoog en past hij op een europallet. De big bag is gemaakt van geweven kunststof en kan hergebruikt worden. De kunststof bestaat meestal uit polypropyleen of polyetheen. Een big bag kan van binnen bekleed zijn met een aparte laag of een extra binnenfolie hebben. Aan de bovenkant zitten lussen waarmee de zak opgetild of opengehouden kan worden. Big bags worden gebruikt voor het opslaan of vervoer van relatief kleine hoeveelheden zand, grind of graan. Ook worden ze gebruikt voor het verzamelen en afvoer van relatief kleine hoeveelheden bouwafval zoals puin. As the word meaning of FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) (It can be translate as flexible solutions for transportation of bulk cargos which have Large-medium volume), it has same meaning. Even this definition set out to dry and bulk cargo transport with a product that could meet the needs of each kind of understand that we are facing. Big bag usage, due to the advantages which it is provided, it s usage increases for dry bulk cargo transportation, storage and stocking day by day more intensively. Especially, fast loading and unloading time provides appropriate possibilities. 1000 kg to 2500 kg carrying capacity, able to stackable for container and truck loads required due to low labor cost makes big bag cheaper than other transportation alternatives and the most logical option.

To sort of bigbag specifications in generally

  • 1- Filling- discharging types of bigbags

    Bigbags offers different options for filling and discharging. For filling; there are top open, spout, skirt, flap options. For discharging in bottom; there is spout option.

  • 2- Bigbag Types

    Bigbags are offered properly options for all needs via different bigbag types; - Standart bigbag, - Q-Bag (Baffle Bag), - Cross Corner, - Container Bags - Sling Bag

  • 3- Bigbag Sealing Options

    Besides standard fabric, there are laminated (PE) fabric, dustproof which is provides sealing or inner PE liner (nylon) options are offered an ideal choice for both micronised material products and offers protection against moisture, rain and etc.

  • 4- Carrying Capacity

    500 kg to 2500 kg bigbags which is using on transportation, they are meet all expectations or needs.

  • 5- Easy Transportation

    Bigbags helps ecological environment because of multi use and its materials (PP,PE) are proper for recycling .

  • 6- Storage - Easy stackable

    Bigbags are able to stackable, so, it is provided advantage for warehousing and storage because it is needed lower place.

  • 7- Recycle Advantage

    Bigbags helps ecological environment because of multi use and its materials (PP,PE) are proper for recycling .

  • 8- Label

    Bigbags have a label which is including below details ; - Manufacturer name, - Safe Working Load (SWL.) - Safety Factor (S.F), - Test Standards (Generally, FIBCA), - Test Certificate number, - Date "Institutie name which is issued certificate (Labordata) " - Production date