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Bigbag videoFIBCA has released an extensive update to its widely used guide promoting bulk bag handling safety. The new document incorporates the recommendations contained in all available industry standards (ISO 21898, JIS Z1651, etc.)

and it will help ensure Bulk Bag / FIBC users are aware of the general Do’s and Don’ts for FIBCs/Bulk Bags. The updated guidelines are available in The FIBCA Bulk Bag Resource Center and can be downloaded based on job function or as a complete document.

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BigBag Dimensions :
90x90x90 cm
90x90x110 cm
95x95x105 cm
95x95x115 cm
100x100x110 cm
90x100x120 cm
100x100x140 cm
100x100x150 cm
100x100x180 cm
100x110x150 cm
100x120x160 cm

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