Our bulk bags are using for food industry and for pulses, big bag for agricultural fry products, Using areas of FIBC bags; FIBC, BigBag or Jumbo Bag

FIBC, big bag, Bulk Bag packaging and transport for all Food

Bigbag for food productBulk Sacks for dry pulseThe topic of food safety in the packaging industry is constantly evolving, with tougher industry standards and increased government regulations becoming the norm. FIBCA recognizes that there are many adequate food safety processes, accreditations, certifications, and schemes for the production of FIBCs; and therefore recommends that all manufacturers, distributors, and users of FIBCs confirm that their process is adequate for each FIBC application. While FIBCA does not endorse one food safety scheme over another, it does strongly support the effort of the Global Food Safety Initiative to establish a global standard. Bulk Sacks for dry pulse FIBCA has provided this guide to help clarify some common FIBC related food safety questions. Bulk Sacks for dry pulse The document is an interactive guide with live links to additional information on FDA Regulations & Misconceptions, Clean Room Requirements, the Global Food Safety Initiative and the Food Safety Modernization Act.