JumboBag, Jumbo Bags ESKA ®

Jumbo bag sackAs the Eska Big Bag Pro-Neo ® Company ,we have been manufacturing industrial sacks as : Bigbag, Big Bag, BigBags products. As the word meaning of FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) (It can be translate as flexible solutions for transportation of bulk cargos which have Large-medium volume), it has same meaning. Even this definition set out to dry and bulk cargo transport with a product that could meet the needs of each kind of understand that we are facing. Big bag usage, due to the advantages which it is provided, it s usage increases for dry bulk cargo transportation, storage and stocking day by day more intensively. Especially, fast loading and unloading time provides appropriate possibilities. 1000 kg to 2500 kg carrying capacity, able to stackable for container and truck loads required due to low labor cost makes big bag cheaper than other transportation alternatives and the most logical option.

FIBC Manufacturers, Our products are Bulk Bag, container bags, industrial type sack, Jumbo Bag, pp bigbag sack etc. We have been operating on bigbag sector since 1996. From the beginning, permanently, through our company principles continuity, We are proud of exporting to 19 countries Worldwide, and over 250 customers in our country. Our Company is the establishment of our corporation has been completed, in terms of marketing (domestic - foreign), planning, purchasing, production and delivery departments;all of them working effectively and coordinated . If it is necessary to specify some of the features about our company and bigbags; Company principles: We always keep in mind that the customer is always right custumer is a valuable asset, customer must meet expectations. Each product sent to a client in an honest manner, and each in itself a product produced in a specific job.

Some details of the JUMBO BAGs:
- Carrying Capacity (SWL)
The fabric must be selected according the weight of SWL ;
SWL= 500 kg .... 120 gr/m2
SWL= 750 kg .... 130 gr/m2
SWL= 1.000 kg .... 140 gr/m2
SWL= 1.250 kg .... 160 gr/m2
SWL= 1.500 kg .... 180 gr/m2
SWL= 1.750 kg .... 200 gr/m2
SWL= 2.000 kg .... 240 gr/m2

- JumboBag Dimensions:
The measurement of the bigbags generally like below ;
80x80x80 cm
90x90x90 cm
90x90x110 cm
95x95x105 cm
95x95x115 cm
100x100x110 cm
90x100x120 cm
100x100x140 cm
100x100x150 cm
100x100x180 cm
100x110x150 cm
100x120x160 cm